Privacy Policy

This page outlines the information you need to know regarding your privacy on this website https://aidlocal.ca.

This website was voluntarily created by the teams at Top Shelf Media and In Front Marketing based in Calgary, Alberta for the purpose of supporting local businesses. You can reach either of these companies using the links above.

Data Collection

When filling out any form on this website, you may be asked to enter a business name and other relevant details in order to enter information into our database. Once business information is submitted, it is placed into a "pending" queue and each submission is reviewed manually. We may use volunteers, located inside or outside of Canada, to assist with verifying the information submitted.

Once information is submitted through one of our forms, you will need to contact us directly if there's a mistake, or if you'd like that information to be removed. You may be required to verify that you are the owner of the information in order to edit or remove it.

We may collect anonymous data on this website using the tools provided by Google Tag Manager. The data collected will strictly be used for the purposes of maintaining and improving this website as well as occassional advertising to make more people aware of this website only. We will not share your data with, or sell your data to, third parties.

Our maps are provided by Google Maps and anonymous data may be collected and used by us or Google for analysing how the maps are used.

Our server is based in Canada, however we may use a Content Delivery Network (CDN) to serve certain assets such as static files and images. When viewing the website, the content you see may be served from outside Canada, depending on your perceived location.

Updates To This Privacy Policy

We will update this privacy policy as required, and will update the date below as we do that.

Last updated: March 20, 2020