About This Website

We are just a bunch of Canadians helping Canadians. We asked ourselves “how can we use our skill set to help in this time of an international crisis”. When we reached out to each other it was amazing how we had the same idea at the exact same time.

It is no secret that local small businesses have been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. While these entrepreneurs are trying to save their businesses, many of us are looking for ways to support them while everyone stays safe. But at the same time, we knew going out to your favourite restaurant right now is a real risk to public health.

Buying gift cards cannot bail restaurants out of the crisis, but it is a way to show support and provide some desperately needed cash for as long as the small businesses need to ride out the city's social-distancing shutdown.

Aid Local, is a website started in Calgary and is offering an easy way for Canadians to pitch in by searching or browsing local business listings, then purchasing gift cards or services like take out.

The website, which provides a simple way to browse through local business listings, was created by local Calgary activists and marketers, including Top Shelf Media’s Tom Watts, RNR Wellness’ Darren Gurr and In Front Marketing's John McColman and Dave Taylor.

Our goal is to engage more support to help run the initiative and scale it at the pace necessary to help as many people as possible. There is no lack of people with the technical skill and the social contacts to help Aid Local make a massive impact within the next 7 days.